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Groopic, An App that Helps You Capture Group Photos, Goes Free and Lands On Android


The amazing iPhone photo app called Groopic has recently been launched on Android! This app was developed to address the problem of including the photographer in every group photo you capture, with the wonderful photo-combining technology. Groopic is a one-of-a-kind camera-based app. It basically targets at 18 to 34 aged people who capture the most smartphone snaps. Using this app is so simple. In 3 steps, you capture 2 photos with your iPhone, then mark the photographer in each of…
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Auto-Manage Your Photos Captured from An iDevice with MyPhotostream App for Mac


A new app called MyPhotostream has just been released for Mac users. It’s a simple app that helps users to save, manage, and backup photos captured from an iOS device. Once you launch the app, it pulls down all your photos from your Photo Stream and then displays all of them in a nifty, minimalistic interface. From here, you can seamlessly view, share or save your Photo Stream with the help of built-in tools, and on the other hand, Notification…
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Shoots & Leaves for iOS Turns Your Images Into Links

Shoots & Leaves

Smart Goat releases a new photo app called Shoots & Leaves on iOS. The app allows users to capture a photo and then it creates a link to that photo in order to let them use it anyway they want. As soon as you launch the app, it always features a camera screen, allowing you to instantly capture a photo. Each snap you shoot is uploaded to an image hosting service automatically. After it’s uploaded, the app creates a link…
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A New Photo App, Lonenote Hits iOS Platform


A new photo app called Lonenote has recently been dropped on the Apple App Store. This app is primarily aimed at those who wish to express their moments alone in a private space, which is not connected to social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike other photo apps, Lonenote is not linked to other social networking sites and doesn’t use Twitter-like following mechanism to keep up with others. Instead, it allows you to share your notes anonymously. After you capture…
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500px for iOS Overhauled with A New Design


The superior photo-sharing platform for iOS, 500px, has been modernized to version 2.2, which brings an all-new visual design, together with a couple of changes. Now the app looks more gorgeous with its new design, offering a you a fresh and great experience. In addition, all of your images come first now. Moreover, the update also allows you swipe any comment to like, reply or boost it to the Top Comments section. Furthermore, the update brings a couple of new…
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Frontback 1.2 Brings New Features to iOS Users


A unique photo app for iOS, Frontback, has got its first major update. Version 1.2 includes a slew of new features that offer a better user experience. Firstly, you are now allowed to prefer who you wish to follow and view who’s following you. Furthermore, if you tie in with your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will be able to smoothly discover people who are already there on Frontback service. When you navigate through the feed of images, you…
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Blipfoto Lands On Android


The daily photo journal, Blipfoto releases an Android version by the same name. This app lets you share one photo a day and tell your stories one day at a time. You will find this addicting and amazing. As this app lets you share a photo per day, this is considered more of a photo journal app than a picture-sharing service. Blipfoto already have versions for iPad and iPhone. To get started, you need to sign up with Blipfoto (or…
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Tapsbook Organizes All Your Photographs into a Beautiful Album


Tapsbook, a new photo app has arrived on iOS platform! This serves as a visual storytelling app, which automatically organizes all your photos based on their date, into a wonderful visual image album. Currently, the app only picks your photos that are stored on your device, or on Picasa, Facebook and Dropbox. The company says that they will add more services in future. Once the app picks your photos, it auto-generates visual albums based on the month they were captured….
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Photo-editing App, Hipstamatic Oggl Launches for Windows Phone 8 Users

Hipstamatic Oggl

The widely-known photo-editing app, Hipstamatic Oggl has released for Windows phone 8 users! This is a retro-tinged, picture-sharing service, which lets you to upload your photos to Instagram.   A couple of months ago, this app had been released for iOS users and expands upon the original app with a redesigned UI, vintage filters and social features. Here’s the app working for those who are not familiar of it; this is a social photo-sharing service, which consists of wide range…
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A New Camera App, Landcam Hits iOS Platform


The team behind the Currency – Simple Converter app, has released a new camera app named Landcam on the iOS platform.   This app serves as a multi-functional photo app and a square image editor. It consists of plenty of fun stuff like shapes, fonts, vignette, filters and many more adjustment tools to embellish your photos. This app almost works like the Analog Camera app (created by Realmac Software), but with more features to the mix. In order to use…
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