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Physics-Based Puzzle Game Pop to Save is Released for iOS Users

Pop to Save

A new game called Pop to Save has recently been dropped on the Apple App Store. It’s a physics-based puzzle game that encourages players to pop bubbles in order to save little creatures named Minas. There’s an evil witch who likes to use little minas for her potions. But one fine day, those creatures were able to escape from their bottle. But again they were trapped inside bubbles that are emerging from the witch’s cauldron. As a player, you need…
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Disney Releases Where’s My Water? 2 On iOS

Where’s My Water? 2

Disney Interactive has come up with a new adventure! Where’s My Water? 2, a sequel to the most renowned physics-based puzzler by the same name, has been released on iOS platform. At its core, the new version follows the footsteps of its predecessor. The game features Swampy, Cranky, and Allie, along with Facebook support, new challenges, puzzles, power-ups and many more. Disney has brought all the 3 aforementioned characters into the same game in order to interact with each other…
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