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ZeptoLab Finally Releases Cut the Rope 2 for Android

Cut the Rope 2

The most-awaited sequel of ZeptoLab’s popular title Cut the Rope has finally landed on the Android platform. Cut the Rope 2 is a free download via Play Store and it is set to unleash on the Amazon App World on 30 March. In Cut the Rope 2, our protagonist Om Nom travels through dense forests, dumping yards, underground tunnels, and busy cities for his favorite Candy. The game also includes tiny green monsters, Blue, Roto, and so on to help…
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A New Game, Snailboy Hits iOS Platform


Snailboy is a new physics-based puzzler from Thoopid. This game takes you to an exciting magical world in order to help a saucy garden mollusc, Snailboy on his quest to find stolen shells. Take the role of the Snailboy who is in search for his stolen shell pack and get into the big world to set out on a journey of epic proportions. Slide, sling, slap and stick to overcome the obstacles and collect smileys all along your way, which…
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