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Podcasts for iOS Receives Support for Pull-To-Refresh Subscriptions


Apple has rolled out an update to its Podcasts app for iOS, bringing it to version 2.0.1. The latest version includes a slew of enhancements that makes it a more efficient app. First up, the revamp brings support for pull to refresh functionality. You no longer find a refresh button to refresh subscriptions in the My Podcasts section. Once you upgrade the app to the latest version, you can just pull to refresh subscriptions in the section. This functionality works…
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Pod Wrangler for iOS Gets Its First Major Update

Pod Wrangler

Pod Wrangler for iOS has received its first major revamp with a load of great enhancements, which provide a better user experience. Firstly, the update brings a new On-the-Go mode. You can switch to this mode while you are listening to podcasts but unable to focus on the screen. This mode displays huge buttons, allowing you to easily control playback while on the go. To get started, go to the options menu and select On-the-Go mode. The app also includes…
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