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Tetris Blitz Game Review

Tetris Blitz

Are you a fan of the old classic game, Tetris? Then you should try out this new game, Tetris Blitz! It’s a new twist to the class game. This new game takes you through a new world of Tetris with so many new features and interesting puzzles! Unlike the native Tetris game, this game is only limited to 2-minute sessions. In every 2-minute session, you are required to clear as many rows as possible. But the main twist here is…
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Pudding Monsters Receives a New Sky View Update

Pudding Monsters

ZeptoLab releases an update to its most popular puzzle game, Pudding Monsters. This version brings a new, exciting Sky View update with 25 new levels to play. Across these new 25 levels, players need to help cute, little pudding monsters to climb the mountains and successfully reach up into the sky. In this update, you will encounter a new monster to move the hard mountains and cones to slash the mountains, which lets you to collect more stars easily. All…
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