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Top 25 Reference Apps for Windows

The need to refer something or the other arises on a frequent basis. It is important to have the right resources or you may end up with wrong information. The ever-developing technology has plenty of apps that serve as reference apps to help guide us to the right information. This set of apps include dictionary, bible, game cheats and much more. Take a look at these apps to know more. Dictionary.com This is the world famous online dictionary that gives…
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Top 50 Reference Apps for iPhone

There are a number of helpful apps for iPhone that serve as a source of information regarding various things in your daily life. It could be health, gaming, spirituality or anything, there are apps to refer for them all. There is a variety of apps that you might find useful. Take a look at these top 50 apps used for reference. Google Search Google is known for its quick search and accurate search results. It is the most used page…
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Top 25 Reference Apps for Android

There is an everyday need for reference regarding various subjects in our day-to-day lives. It is important to have the right resources at the right time or the time is just lost.It is also important to have reference sources handy. You cannot always run to a library to find your source of information. The smartphones of today bring all the information to you right into your hands.You can carry around all your reference apps in your pockets and refer whenever…
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