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15+ Best Restaurant Finder Apps for Android

Restaurant Finder SSTL

Eating out is one of the most favorite activities for almost every person, especially for foodies. But choosing a good eating out destination or restaurant can be a tough task, given the myriad of options available.  Afterall, there are so many things to consider while selecting a restaurant.  For Android users, selecting or finding the perfect restaurant with the perfect food, preferred cuisine, right price tag, good ambience and excellent location is not all that difficult-thanks to the many restaurant…
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Zomato for iOS Receives an Update with Modernized Interface


The most popular mobile and online restaurant guide, Zomato, has revamped its iOS version with simpler user interface and new features. As aforementioned, the latest version of Zomato includes a simpler UI, on par with the new modernized web version. Now the homescreen features large swappable photos of the nearby restaurants that guide to their respective listings, along with the options to browse restaurants and search them by feeding appropriate keywords for cuisine, title, dish or location. Now the Browse…
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