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Disney Launches Monsters University on iOS and Android Platforms

Monsters University

In conjunction with the latest animated movie, Monsters University, Disney Interactive has rolled out a new mobile game app by the same name. This game is available for both iOS and Android users. It completely engages you and provides lots of fun! This game features 2 mini-games; Cache Archie and Toxicity Challenge. Both the games focus around running. The first mini-game, Cache Archie is a runner game, similar to the most popular Temple Run game. The main goal of this…
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Flip Runner! Game Review

Flip Runner!

Here is another new endless runner game for you! Deadly Serious Media in collaboration with the Oscar Developer has released Flip Runner, a fast-paced runner game on the iOS and Android platforms few days back. This game consists of a part side-scroller and a part endless runner platformers. Unlike most similar games, Flip, the game’s protagonist can run on the top and the bottom of the ground to avoid the dangers ahead. It’s a simple twist that adds fun to…
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