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Security App Spy Hunter Appears On Windows Phone 8

Spy Hunter

A new security app called Spy Hunter has landed on Windows Phone 8 platform. This app helps you get hold of culprits who try to spy on your device while you’re not around. Once you set the trap, the app captures a series of photos of the person, sounds an alarm and record audio when your devices is unlocked. Interestingly, you will also have the options to instantly save the snaps to SkyDrive and get notified when the app is…
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Top 30 iPhone Security Apps

The best iPhone security apps help in protecting your business as well as personal information. You can safeguard contact numbers of your family members, friends and acquaintances along with valuable things like personal photos and videos. You can have peace of mind when your mobile is misplaced in wrong hands as the content will be fully safe from prying eyes. These are some of the best security apps that plays vital role in providing top-notch security for sensitive data on…
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