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Top 6 Skateboarding Apps for Android

Skateboard games have always been categorized under X-sports as they are highly energized games. Player has to be focused and has to be fast to score maximum points in a limited period of time. Tony hawks was one of the first skateboarding games which would only run on PS2 and PCs. Now we have these games for android. Boardtastic Skateboarding 2 It has a simple plot were you have to keep playing and make progress in your career and eventually…
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Top 7 Skateboarding Game Apps for iPhone

  There are tons of skateboarding games for all the iPhone and iPad users, so you can learn skate to just goof around. You can step into shoes of different pro skateboarders and cut through venues by doing all sorts of tricks. Try your hand at stunts like kickflip, Ollie, tailgrab, nosegrind and switch stance. You can perform all these moves without breaking your bones or splashing blood on sidewalk. The toughest things in your life can be perfectly executed…
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