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Stickman Soccer Hits iOS Platform

Stickman Soccer

A new game called Stickman Soccer has recently been dropped on the Apple App Store. This game offers you a complete soccer fun with a fast-paced gameplay. Select 1 of 32 soccer teams and play multiple seasons in amazing stadiums or in awe-inspiring street soccer style matches. You can even choose to control your team with manual running and shoot timing or take the advantage of automatic running mode, in which you will have the control over the specific pass…
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FIFA 14 is Launched On iOS and Android


Electronic Arts has finally revealed the most authentic FIFA 14 by EA Sports on iOS and Android platforms! This game is sure to appeal football fanatics as they play with real-world fixtures from the best leagues. The game engages the players with 33 top-notch leagues and over 16,000 players. Moreover, any suspension, modification and injury within the team form is beautifully showed in-game. You can build your own team, choose your desired play style, kits and many. You can also…
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