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Skype for iPhone and iPad Got Overhauled for iOS 7


Microsoft has launched a significant Skype update for its iPhone and iPad versions. Both the versions were completely overhauled for Apple’s latest iOS 7, along with a couple of improvements. Skype had launched a basic level of iOS 7 support for its iPhone and iPad versions last month, but the team was not gratified with that minor tune-up. So, it has just rolled out new versions of both the apps with clean and flatter iOS 7-inspired interface. Moreover, the updated…
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Google Hangouts for Android Now Allows You to See Who’s Signed In


Google has just revealed an update for its Hangouts app for Android. Version 1.2 brings several new features, including a fruitful one that allows you to see who’s online and who’s merely logged in. Firstly, you can now view not just who’s online but you are also able to know who’s currently reachable. The app displays talking status icons besides every contact; Green icons means they are on, while gray icons means they aren’t. It’s so simple to browse your…
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