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Square Wallet for iOS Receives a Major Update

Square Wallet app

The well-known mobile payment service, Square has refurbished its Square Wallet for iOS. The new version includes redesigned interface, speed enhancements and other modifications that ease the checkout process. This update offers a smoother and faster payment experience to users, according to the company. Infact, the latest look focuses on imagery, and on the whole, it improves the previously looking app to a good quality. According to the 9to5Mac notes, the app is now snappier thanks to a modification in…
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Square Wallet- an iOS App updated to send gift cards

Square, a mobile card payment service has released a new update to its Square Wallet App that works on all iOS powered devices. With the Square Wallet App, users can easily pay their local business bill through the mobile, apart from it, users can send or transfer gifts to their much-loved friends and find out new places for shopping and having dine. Sending Gift cards feature is released by the company in its December update and it has even integrated…
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