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Ubisoft Releases An Ultimate Bike Racing Game Trial Frontier for iOS

Trial Frontier

Ubisoft in collaboration with RedLynx has launched Trials Frontier game for iOS via Apple App Store. This is an ultimate bike racing game with addictive physics-based gameplay. Trials is a long-running platform racing series, which is most popular for its nutty characters and immersive physics-based gameplay. While this latest mobile edition also brings in a mix of social features, enabling players to challenge their buddies and compete against other random players. The game features 10 amazing environments to explore and…
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Prince of Persia Shadow and the Flame Game Review

Prince of Persia

Classic games always have a charm of their own. Prince of Persia is one among such games, which has been prominent since decades. Now, the Ubisoft has unleashed the latest version of the game called Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame for Android and iOS users. Initially, Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame was launched in the year 1993 for desktop. Now the new mobile versions feature upgraded graphics and challenges. The game continues the legend of the wanderer who…
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