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Google Now Brings Support for Cricket with Live Updates

Google Now

Google has rolled out a significant update to its Search app for android. This latest revamp brings support for cricket and allowed ‘Ok Google’ functionality for voice search for people who speak German and French. Firstly, the revamped version of the app features live updates on your most beloved national teams’ wickets and runs. Moreover, it also brings support for checking future fixtures, though users should add their team to their settings: just click on the magic wand icon within…
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TwitchTV Gets Overhauled for iOS 7

Twitch has just launched a new version of its iOS app. Version 3.0 includes a new design that is in line with iOS 7 alongside a bunch of significant new features. The latest interface of the app is now clean, flat, and brings a lot of horizontal carousels to the home screen that supports featured games, most popular streams, and channels. Moreover, the navigation menu perfectly slides out from the left side of the screen that features shortcuts for your…
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Facebook for Android Brings Support for Images in Comments


Facebook for Android has received another new update recently, which brings few photo-centric nifty features that should turn out as significant additions for the dedicated Facebook users. First up, users will now be able to comment on a post with a picture. This features has been accessible on the desktop edition since last June and on the iOS version since 5 months, and conceivably, it has become a good platform to share memes. From now, this feature is also available…
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Verbs IM for iOS Gets New iOS 7-Inspired Design and More

Verbs IM

One of the acclaimed instant messaging service on iOS, Verbs IM has received a notable update with an overhauled design for iOS 7 alongside a plethora of new features and bug fixes. The major addition in the revamped version of the app is the ability to sync your chat messages across your devices through iCloud. This feature works just like the iMessage’s syncing functionality, where every message that you receive will automatically display on all of your devices regardless on…
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Google+ for iOS Introduces New Location Reporting and History Settings


The official Google+ app on iOS has been revamped, adding 3 new features alongside a slew of bug fixes and significant performance enhancements. First up, the app brings support for pinning, which now enables moderators to lock one single post to the top of a Community stream to make it much easier to view. Once you are done with picking a post and clicked on the ‘Settings’ icon available on the top right-hand side corner, you will now encounter an…
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Tweetbot for iOS Gets A New Font Option, Support for Larger Image Thumbnails and Mute Filters


Tweetbot, the most acclaimed third-party Twitter app on iOS and Mac, has just been overhauled for iOS users with a new font option, support for image thumbnail and mute filter options in addition to several bug fixes. Open the app and then select Display option available under Settings menu. There, you will be able to manually choose your typeface; the default option Helvetica Neue has been associated by a new Avenir, which is a sans-serif typeface that’s in line with…
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Instagram for iOS Receives Upgraded Lux Enhancement Tool


Avid Instagram users would have tried the Lux filter that works like magic. Recently, the Instagram app for iOS has been revamped, adding a custom slider so that users can enhance the intensity of the effect. Now, once are done with capturing a photo or chosen a photo from your device’s gallery, you can click on the Lux icon and then drag the slider as you want. When you drag it to right, it amplifies vibrancy as well as the details…
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Pandora Brings Support for Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer to Android Tablet Edition


Pandora, the most popular Internet radio app on Android, has received an update with a plethora of new features and enhancements, including support for alarm clock and sleep timer on Android tablet. As aforementioned, Android tablet users can access alarm clock and sleep timer with the revamped version of the app. You will now be able to set the sleep timer time from 15/30/60 minutes, make the use of snooze feature available on the alarm clock in order to sleep…
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ProCam 2 for iOS Brings New Photo-Editing Tool Suite

ProCam 2

ProCam 2, one of the renowned camera applications that enhances the functionalities of camera on iPhone, has just received a major update. Version 2.0 includes a slew of new photo editing features, enhanced sharing menu, and additions to the camera. This latest release brings a full featured photo-editing set. The photo-editing suite includes the following features: Now you will have nondestructive editing – all editing features, in addition to cropping, are reversible/amendable. Added 40 new expertly crafted filters. Added 5…
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Uber for iOS Gets Overhauled with PayPal Integration and Push Notifications


Uber has rolled out a remarkable update to its ride-sharing app for iOS. The latest version of the app brings a couple of improvements, including support for Push Notifications. The major addition in the update is the support for push notifications. In specific, this feature has been added as a replacement to the text messages to deliver significant updates about your trips. In a recent blog post, the company has explained that they know the reason users use the Uber…
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