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Top 7 Video Calling Apps for Windows Phone

Video calling apps have made world such a smaller space as these enable users to make video calls with the help of the front facing camera. Windows platform consists of many such apps. The following are the top ┬ávideo calling apps for Windows Phone. Skype This is surely one of the most used, popular and highly rated free video call making service which is available on the Windows Phone platform. This app makes it possible for you to make unlimited…
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Top 10+ Video Calling Apps for iPhone

  Smartphones have completely changed the way in which gadget is used, than just messaging and calling device. These phones have become companions of our life for social networking, checking emails, listening and watching videos, viewing or editing work documents, playing games and more. They even provide an alternative to mobiles through best video calling apps. Hangouts Hangouts were a striking feature when Google launched Google Plus social network. Now, Hangouts were broken into a standalone application.Video calling or video…
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