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Top 25 Voice Recording Apps for Windows Phone

You might have a good Windows Phone which has an amazing mic that can record anything. In a lot of cases the default recorder doesn’t have many options for user. It limits the capability of a good mobile device. Earlier there were a lot apps for Android and iPhone, but there weren’t many options for Windows Phone. Now even Window Phone has a lot of apps to record voice. Here are few voice recording apps that will blow your mind….
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Top 20+ Voice Recording Apps for iPhone

IPhone has the best recording quality. People have done a lot of things with that.  Some have even tried using iPhone recorder professionally. Developers have observed that and they decided to provide better apps for iPhone. Now you can get a lot of features to make your recording better. You can find the best apps to help you enhance your recorded files. You can have the best voice recording apps on your mobile device and you can easily access to…
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Top 6 Voice Recording Apps for Android

Voice recorders are very useful these days. Especially for those who work as journalist, as they interview a lot important people and it’s also useful for those who love to record their voice. Sound engineers carry a recording device wherever they go, as they always keep looking for different sounds that are natural and unique, voice recording apps are very useful for them. You can also make your own tracks by recording and mixing it easily on your smartphone. Easy…
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