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UnfollowSpy for Windows Phone Receives Support for Instagram


UnfollowSpy, the Windows Phone app that allows users to seamlessly access certain follower metrics on Twitter, has received a notable update. The latest version of the app brings a bunch of new features, including support for Instagram. Firstly, the update brings support for managing your Instagram account alongside Twitter. Now you can sign in to multiple Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can view who follows you that you do not follow back, who you follow the do not follow you,…
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6tag Adds New Like or Not Section to Its Windows Phone 8 App


Instagram client 6tag for Windows Phone has received a notable update, which bumped the app to version 3.2. The revamp adds a new feature that makes the app even more cooler. 6tag has received its last major update in late December, which moved the app to version 3.1. That revamp had brought the ability to save video clips right from Instagram to user’s SkyDrive account. Now the latest 6tag v3.2 includes the following features: Adds ‘like or not’ section. Performance…
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A New Weather App GetOutCast Hits Windows Phone 8


A new weather app called GetOutCast has recently been dropped on the Windows Phone platform. This app mainly focuses on photography and delivers a prediction on weather targeted to photographers. The app rates the photographic potential for the day and generates a brief weather forecast. For now, the app features sunrise and sunset predictions, and provides landscape, lunar-based information, astrological, and other photography-related subjects. To get started, you need to register with the GetOutCast. You can register free for only…
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Fhotolens for Windows Phone Receives An Update with Faster Image Capturing


Fhotolens, a unique photography app that applies special fish-eyed lens effect to your camera, has been revamped to version 1.2. The update brings a slew of new features, including new image viewer and additional language support. Previous update for the app (v1.1) has included the ability to review the lastly captured photo within the app. If you want to edit the image, there’s a control button available at the bottom of the image viewer, which will divert you to the…
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Music Drop Allows You Transfer Music Files from Your PC to Windows Phone 8 Device

Music Drop

A new app called Music Drop has hit Windows Phone 8 platform. This new app offers users an easy way to send music files from a PC to Windows Phone or vice-versa through a web browser in a blink of an eye. Just launch the Music Drop app and connect your PC and Windows Phone 8 device wirelessly without the need of any external cables! The app generates a network connection between your devices with a cool interface that lets…
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RoboForm is Now Available On Windows Phone 8 Platform


Remembering passwords is a pain when dealing with a lot of passwords. RoboForm, a new Windows Phone app, is a great password saving and automatic form-filling service, and it is worth a look. RoboForm app is considered as one of the best password management apps in the App World. It’s already available for multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and mobile platforms like iOS and Android. The app consists of the following features: It’s a breeze to login…
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Path Launches A Windows Phone 8 App in Beta


Windows Phone platform has been getting several prominent apps. Today another one has joined the Store since the widely-liked social networking service Path becomes available on Windows Phone platform. Path was first launched on iPhone where it made a good name for itself, rolling out to Android platform and the rest of iOS later. And now it has finally entered the Windows Phone arena. The Windows Phone version is in beta testing phase and still offers most of the core…
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Security App Spy Hunter Appears On Windows Phone 8

Spy Hunter

A new security app called Spy Hunter has landed on Windows Phone 8 platform. This app helps you get hold of culprits who try to spy on your device while you’re not around. Once you set the trap, the app captures a series of photos of the person, sounds an alarm and record audio when your devices is unlocked. Interestingly, you will also have the options to instantly save the snaps to SkyDrive and get notified when the app is…
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A New Photo App 4Blend HDR Hits Windows Phone 8

4Blend HDR

A smart photo and processing app called 4Blend HDR has recently been dropped on Windows Phone 8 platform. The app features a simple layout and captures 3 identical photos at different exposure settings, applies beautiful filters and then assembles them altogether into a single ravishing image. The app takes 3 images at distinct exposure settings. Then it will pile up these images on top of one another to provide a clear tonal detail. The app takes the advantage of the…
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Microsoft Launches Xbox Video App On Windows Phone 8

Xbox Video

Microsoft has finally unveiled the most-anticipated standalone Xbox Video app for Windows Phone 8 users. This app allows users to browse, stream as well as download their favorite television programmes and movies directly to their device. The app makes it easier to purchase/rent television shows and films, then stream or download them right to your device. watch your favorite movie on the go even in the absence of a reliable internet connection! The service features a deep catalog of TV…
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