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Top 10+ Women Nail Art Apps for Iphone/Android/Windows

Women Nails Fashions Ideas

Nail art is a form of art which is performed on the top of nails where different designs and patterns are made using different colors and techniques. This form of art is very popular among women and can be availed at beauty salons and nail care parlors. But to check out latest designs and themes of nail arts, one can also make use of Mobile or Tablet apps. Women nail art apps for iPhone/Android/Windows are those kinds of apps which…
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Top 10+ Sudoku Game Apps for Windows

Sudoku Free 4U

Sudoku is a very popular number game which is played all across the world both on paper as well as digital devices such as Mobile phones, tablets and computers. These days, accessing unlimited games of Sudoku has become much easier, thanks to the Sudoku game apps which are available across many platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. So no matter which device you own, you can always download a Sudoku game app and play the game whenever you are…
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Top 10+ Comic Game Apps for Windows

Soccer Real Cup

Who doesn’t love a good game based on a popular or favorite comic character?  Well comic games are those types of games which involve comic characters such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman and others. These games are available in many forms including board games, video games and gaming apps. Comic game apps are those kinds of apps which can be downloaded on a phone or tablet and can be played on the device. These apps are either free of cost or…
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10+ Top Online Taxi Booking Apps for Windows


Booking a taxi can be a very strenuous job as it requires you to first call a few taxi booking services, explain your need and then see whether a taxi is available or not.  But these days, a much simpler, more convenient and time saving method for booking a taxi has come to surface and that is the method of online taxi booking. In this method, one can book a taxi using just a few clicks here and there. Online…
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Top 10+ Apps for Nokia Lumia 610

PicsArt Windows Phone App

Nokia Lumia is one of the most popular and successful series of devices to be produced by Nokia and consists of many handsets of decent quality. One of these phones is called Nokia Lumia 610 which is a budget priced Nokia Lumia phone which is loaded with impressive features. This device sports a 3.7 inch display screen capable of offering a resolution count of 480×800 pixels. For camera lovers, there is a 5 MP rear end camera with LED flash…
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Top 10+ Apps for Nokia Lumia 625

Enigmatis 2 Windows Phone App

Nokia Lumia 625 is the name given to one of the most latest Nokia Lumia phones in the market. This device is packed with impressive features and sports 4.7 inch IPS LCD touchscreen which is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 as well. For those who love clicking pictures, there is a 5 MP rear end camera as well as a VGA front facing camera. One of the best features of Lumia 625 is the fact that it runs…
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Top 10+ Apps for Nokia Lumia 1520

TuneIn Radio App

Nokia Lumia 1520 is a Windows Based Smartphone which runs on its Windows Phone 8 OS and features a massive 6 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 as well. The highlight feature of this phone is its 20 MP rear end camera with dual LED flash and auto focus functionality. But what really makes this device more functional and useful is the gamut of apps that can be downloaded on it.  Yes,…
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Top 10+ Apps for Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Camera Beta App

Of the many handsets produced by Nokia, Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the most popular and used ones. The device runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system and is packed with decent specifications and features. Lumia 520 is a 4 inch device that is provided with an IPS LCD display offering 480×800 pixels of resolution count. A 1 GHz dual core processor powers this phone while a 5 MP camera is fitted on the rear end for a…
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PicsArt App is Now Available Across All Windows Phone 8 Devices


PicsArt, the photo-editing app that was revealed last month on Windows Phone platform exclusively for Nokia’s flagship Lumia 1520 and 1020, has now been optimized for all of the Windows Phone 8 devices. If you are not familiar with the app: PicsArt is an amazing photo editor, which is a part photo sharing platform and a part freehand drawing. Users will be able to edit their captured snaps, find a photo in Pictures Hub to edit that or download pictures…
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HSBC Releases A Windows Phone App


HSBC, the acclaimed British International Bank has just unleashed an app exclusively for Windows Phone users in Brazil. The app offers a smooth mobile banking to the platform, providing customers a more convenient way to manage their accounts and money. Like other mobile banking apps, HSBC also features multiple services via the app. The bank leverages its secure token generations in order to provide safe access that does not interfere usability. Some of the significant features include payments, transfers, support…
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