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Top 50+ Word Game Apps for Android

Word Games are some of the most engaging games you could play together with your buddies. They have been around for a long time and they still remain on as strong as ever in today’s day. The Android marketplace hosts countless titles that fit the genre, however it’s difficult to pick the ones that stick out. We have taken the effort and listed top Word Game apps for Android. Check out our list and keep adding new, interesting titles to…
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Manjii Lingo Game Review

Manjii Lingo

Manjii Lingo is a latest word puzzle game available on both iOS and Android platforms. This is a child-friendly multi-player game that lets players to challenge their friends. This game is similar to that of a popular Lingo program that is broadcasted on the GSM (Game Show Network) in which players make words for one another. It lets players to play with their buddies or can select random players across the world. The app’s creator, Gregory Adams said that this…
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