5 Best Android Apps to Blog

Blogging has become a part of daily life for many people and some even do it for a living. The craze of blogging is increasing in an exponential manner. There are plenty of blogs out there and they are available for free. You should have one too.

 blogging apps

Stay in touch with your friends and fans and let them know what’s happening around through blog. Below we have listed some of the best blogging platform apps for you to blog from anywhere, anytime.



WordPress is a blogging platform choice for many users because it is free, customization options are more, simple, and great themes available.

Above all these options, the WordPress app available in Play Store is also free and easy to use. You can access your blog and do formatting like: typing, formatting, adding images, and videos. You can post and view comments also. Try WordPress App from Play Store here.


blogger app

Blogger is another great blogging platform, sponsored by Google. Blogger also has many features, widgets, and customization options.

The Blogger App available in Play Store is similar to WordPress app, where you can edit posts, publish, and format. In posts you can format, type, add images, videos, and add labels. The app has a smooth interface and easy to use. Download Blogger on Android from here.


twitter app

Some people might be surprised to see Twitter in this blogging list but Twitter is considered as a micro blogging site. Through Twitter you can share your ideas and experiences in short and informative messages. You can also follow other people to learn their experiences.

Twitter also has an Android App to enjoy tweeting on the go. Using this app you can share videos, images and also look out for others’ tweets. Try Twitter app on Android.


tumblr app

Tumblr gives many blogging options like twitter and other blogging platforms. You can either post short messages and share or type in long informative posts in Tumblr.

Tumblr Android app has sharing options, publishing short messages, or creating long posts. The app’s interface is cool and easy to use. Check out Tumblr app here.



Weebly is an easy way to create blogs and you can create your own blog design by simple drag and drop options.

Coming to the Android app of Weebly, you can add your blog and publish posts. If you have a weebly blog and want to access it from Android, then use this app. The app is little confusing and tough to use. Some of the options might not be available in this app, so it’s up to you whether to use it or not. Download Weebly Android app here.


The above apps are best Blogging platform website apps available in Android market. So, choose the one depending on the blogging platform you use. There are other alternative apps for these, which you can try but these are the official apps developed by the respective blogging platforms. So, enjoy blogging from Android too.

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