Aereo Finally Hits Android Platform

Aereo, the widely-known US TV streaming service, has just rolled out an Android version. Currently, the app is in the beta version, so don’t hope for a bug-free experience.


The service was launched in New York last year, and the subscribers were only be able to access through Roku, iOS devices, and few web browsers. With the help of DVR and antennas, users were able to stream local channels on their devices.

Likewise, Android users will be able to stream their desired channels at home or in any location covered by the service. Users can connect to Roku box using the app.

Right now, the service is narrowed only to specific locations; Salt Lake City, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, and Miami. In addition, the company is also in a plan to expand the service to more areas, including Detroit (in the coming week).

Android users can grab the app from the link given below. The app is available for free, and is only compatible with devices powered by Android 4.2 and above.

Aereo download link for Android (free)

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