Android Apps Bring the Vector Maps in the New Google API!

Google has recently released a new version of Google Maps API which allow the developers of android to use the identical vector-based data which has been using by the Google Maps for some time. Earlier, the android apps could use only a map system based on the tile bitmap. The new version of API provides much better data and visuals than its previous version.

Vector Maps
In the visual terms, the graphics which are vector based can adjust to all resolutions. For example, the Google latest tablet Nexus 10 uses a resolution of 2560×1600. Apps using the data which is tile based would have to opt between huge tiles downloading, or the data of low resolution display. With the vector graphics, always the maps make an appearance with their clear details. Additional to this, the new version of API features the accessible data for the new developer like indoor maps for well known airports and malls.

The 1st apps to make use of these features are released already: FlightTrack, Trulia and Expedia Hotels are the examples which will be soon updated to present the new maps.

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