Android’s Flock Allows Users to Share Photos

‘Bump’, the company which allowed to share the contact information in a very simple way, that is by tapping the phones against each other, has recently introduced an Android version to its Flock application, which accepts the images which the user wish to share them and then post them into the private album where their buddies can view.

flockFlock let the users to upload their photos, either live or after the event. There is no need of opening the app, it can be able to run in the background. It identifies who is closer to you and then pushes the images into the private album. It is only limited to your buddies on Facebook, so you will not find any photos from any stranger in the album – utilizing the Facebook Connect, your social graph is viewed by the service and it can determine with whom you are and to whom the invitation should be sent to see the album.

Flock groups your photos you take with your buddies into the private group albums. It identifies the photos you which you take together with your buddies and family members and get all those photos from the phone of each member together into an individual shared album.

Flock is a new app which consists of the following features:

  • You just take photos as you do with the camera app.
  • No need to remember about this Flock, just you do your job, and it informs you whether there are photos to view or share.
  • Automatically, flock identifies with which buddy you are with and extracts the strangers out.
  • It creates one shared album for your buddies who were there.

Flock depends upon the location information to perform its magic. It also depends upon the Facebook to identify your real buddies. But it doesn’t post anything without your approval. Make your push notifications enable as do not miss any of your buddies’ photos.

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