Angry Birds Space app updated with new levels and characters

For all you Angry Birds fans out there, the Angry Birds Space has been updated with 40 new and exciting levels and also a character called Buzz Aldrin.  Moreover, the developers of this game have also introduced a new chapter which is called Break Impact, which shall be available for free both on iOS and Android.

Angry Birds Space Game App

Angry Birds Space’s new chapter has 40 different levels that have been divided into 2 parts.  Each of these 2 parts has 3 bonus levels.  To unlock each of these bonus levels, users will have to earn three stars and also attain a feather. These levels are much more exciting, fun and are designed with better graphics and colours.  Moreover, users will also get a chance to unlock an additional four levels. These levels can only be unlocked by finding the several NASA spacecrafts which have been scattered across throughout the chapter.

Angry Birds Space update comes with this new and adorable character called Buzz Aldrin.  This character has been named after the legendary Apollo 11 astronaut and moonwalker.  This is the second occasion on which Rovio has joined hands with NASA to customize the content of one of its games.

Angry Birds Space game Download For Android App (Free)

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