Anti-Theft Apps to Find or Secure Lost Android Phones

Have you ever lost an Android phone? It’s really painful to loose a smartphone and the data in it. Of course there are apps like Dropbox or Evernote to get back your data from cloud servers. But what about your actual phone? Here are a few Anti-Theft apps to find or secure lost Android phones.


Though some phones come with a device tracker option when lost, we can’t really rely upon them. These apps which are available in Play Store has variety of features like: finding your device through GPS, locking remotely, deleting all the data, sounding an alarm even in silent mode, and more. So, install any one of these apps and secure your Android phone.

Lookout Security:

lookout security

Lookout Security is an AntiVirus and Anti-Theft app for Android. Lookout app has a neat and easy to use interface. The Lookout website also has a good interface to use it’s features.

This app is an anti-virus which scans your device for virus and malware. The signal flare option saves your device location to the servers and lockcam option to take a picture of the person who enters a password wrong, thrice in a row. If your phone is lost or stolen, open the Lookout website and from there you can sound alarm or locate via GPS or wipe the data or lock it. Only premium users can use the last two options. Download Lookout App free here.

Cerberus Anti Theft:


Cerberus is an anti-theft application alone. It offers a one week free trail and later you need to pay 2.99 Euros to continue using the app. You can also install the app using the same paid license for up to 5 users.

The app requests a complete username and password everytime you access the app. The app hides itself from the drawer and you can access it by dialing a specific number. The app takes a snap of the person who tries to unlock your phone and all of these can be accessed from the cerberusapp website. Download Cerberus app here.

Prey Anti Theft:


Prey is a completely free Anti-Theft app to find your Android phone. It uses your GPS location to recover your device. This app can be installed on PC, iOS, and Android devices. Just visit the Preyproject website and then send a message to all your devices. It has same features like above discussed apps and also SIM change detector to send SMS, when a SIM change occurs. Download Prey App here.

Android Lost:

android lost

Using Android Lost app you can control your Android from internet or SMS. The apps icon and name appears as a simple note pad, so the thieves can be easily fooled. Send a text to speech SMS and the phone starts talking or alarm the phone loudly. All these can be done from the Android Lost website or from SMS. Download Android Lost App here.


Though there is an IMEI concept for finding phones, in this smartphone era it’s better to use Apps to find your lost or stolen phones. So, decide which app is best and install it on your Android.

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