3D Bowling App Review

Are you interested in Bowling? Then check out this 3D Bowling game which gives you the experience of real bowling. It consists of an attractive gameplay. This is the best app for you if you love bowling.

3D Bowling App Review

The game consists of several bowling alleys and different balls to choose from. Before you start your game, you can choose your desired alley and ball from the menu button. The game supports both single and multiplayer modes. It allows up to 2 players to play but not more than that. No need to create a profile or something like that. You can play the game directly. The graphics are good and you can alter the background of the alley, but there will not be any change in the gameplay.

3D Bowling Review

To hit the pins, you just swipe your finger over the alley and the ball moves exactly in the direction of your finger. That’s it! This game is not so simple to get consecutive strikes, but once you find and stick to a particular pattern of the game technique, you can make high scores. A lovely feature of this game is to keep track of your game progress. It displays the number of gutters, strikes which you have achieved. You can submit your high score in the online leaderboard and can also share your score on Facebook.

3D Bowling

This game does not contain numbered balls and tournament levels. If you are interested in playing tournaments, you would be bored of this game. But if the tournaments don’t bother you, you can enjoy playing this game.

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