Angry Birds Space Premium App Review

Angry Birds is a very popular arcade game developed by Rovio. As it is gaining popularity day by day, Rovio is developing new series in the Angry Birds. Angry Birds Space has also got a good rating from the users than its preceding series.

Angry Birds Space Premium App Review

The game has a very good story line. A giant claw kidnaps the eggs of Angry Birds, then they chase the eagle and discover themselves in a new galaxy which consists of space pigs. Your objective is to destroy the space pigs. Space pigs are available atop or present inside the towers made of ice, wood, and steel. So, to destroy them, you are provided with angry birds, which you have to fire with a catapult by dragging its strips backwards and releasing the angry bird to your desired destination. Sounds simple? But it is not that easy. Varied materials smash at varied rates. Wood can be destroyed easily with a single bird, but steel needs various shots to destroy it.

Angry Birds Space Premium Review

In the same way, you find different kinds of birds too. There is a red colored standard bird which serves as a simple weapon. There are also other kinds of birds like black bird, which explodes with just a single tap and blue bird, which serves as cluster bombs. Additional to these birds, other kind of new birds are also available in this series like ice birds, which freezes the parts of tower so that you can destroy it easily, and purple birds which can be aimed with a single tap. Your choice of birds is pre-determined.

Angry Birds Space Premium

The main twist in this series is that the pigs are not found on a uniform platform, they are scattered across different planetoids in the space. Each and every planetoid consists of its own gravity, so the movement of your birds gets affected. This makes the series much more interesting, making it more challenging.

Not only these, there are many surprises waiting for you! Get this game and play, you will surely get addicted to this game!

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