Top 12 Apps for Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1 is an impressive smartphone with an awe-inspiring camera and waterproof build. Have you bought this high-end smartphone powered by Android OS? If yes, you are at the right place. This article showcases our pick of the top 12 apps for Sony Xperia Z1 to get you started. Check out the list!

Top 12 Apps for Sony Xperia Z1

Adobe Photoshop Express

An excellent photo-editing app from Adobe Systems. Photos that you capture using the top-notch Z1’s camera can be rotated, flipped, cropped, straightened as well as adjusted through slider to change parameters like contrast, tint, color, and clarity. Moreover, when you click on auto-fix button, the app will overhaul everything using its very own algorithms.

Adobe Photoshop Express Android App

Android Downlod

Press (RSS Reader)

This is the perfect RSS reader for your Xperia Z1. The app automatically extracts stories from all of your favorite websites, allowing you to quickly navigate through up-to-date headlines. It has a clean interface and doesn’t feature annoying ads. You can grab the app for $2.99.

Press (RSS Reader) Android App

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A wonderful photo sharing service with neat layout. The app features custom filters and effective editing tools to create and share beautiful photos directly from your device. It also provides you the ability to watch slideshows of your photos in full resolution or just swipe through them.

Flickr Android App

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Super Stickman Golf 2

A simple yet addictive game in which you enjoy playing outlandish holes of 2D golf. The game features more than 20 lively courses, amazing power-ups to enhance your progress, beautiful customizable characters, over 50 achievements, and support for online multiplayer mode. You can get this game for free.

Super Stickman Golf 2 Android App

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MapMyHike GPS Hiking

This is an all-in-one fitness tracking app. The app tracks the nutrition diet, distance, elevation profile, weight, number of calories, pace, and many more. Interestingly, the app also plots perfect maps of your routes using GPS system and tracks in the background, allowing you to place calls, play games, listen to music, and use any other application.

MapMyHike GPS Hiking Android App

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One of the leading social networking apps. In a nutshell, you can capture and share photos and videos customizing with a number of custom built filter effects. This app offers a great way for you to get more use out of Xperia Z1’s camera. Transform all your beautiful moments into fine works of art you’ll love to share with your dear ones.

Instagram Android App

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Nova Launcher Prime

This launcher doesn’t suit everyone, but if are very much interested to customize your Z1’s home screen, this is the perfect app for you. It allows you create folders within the app drawer, build custom tabs to smoothly organise all your apps more effectively, and more. It also displays missed calls, text messages, and email counts on the home screen.

Nova Launcher Prime Android App

Android Downlod

reddit is fun

This app serves as a greatest repository of fascinating photos, videos, memes, and links. The app features a user-friendly interface than the browser layout. It offers hassle-free browsing experience and allows you sync it up with your Reddit account. Though the app is in beta testing, it’s highly stable and bug-free.

reddit is fun android app

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An amazing camera app that yields stunning photos using leading-edge processing technology. The app also provides you the best way to polish your photos. Parameters like Vignette, Temperature, Crop, Rotate, and so on allow users to define their look. This app serves as a good alternative to Snapseed or Photoshop.

VSCO Cam® Android App

Android Downlod


This app suits Xperia Z1 well. With the device’s waterproof built, you can also sit in the bath and watch your favorite stuff. Though the app is free to download, you need to have a Netflix subscription to access it.

Netflix Android App

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This is a great app to have millions of ebooks handy. Choose your favorite books from millions of freemium books to read and seamlessly shop for books in addition to latest releases. Moreover, the app also has an integrated dictionary that enables you to readily check out the meaning of words while you are reading something.

Kindle Androi App

Android Downlod

The Weather Channel

One of the most acclaimed weather apps available on Play Store. This app uses a cutting-edge forecasting technology to offer you precise weather forecast details. You can download this app for free and seamlessly plan your day!

The Weather Channel Android App

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