Asana – a project management App for Android users

Asana, a productivity and project management App developed by the co-founder and ex-worker of Facebook. The App was under construction from past 15 months and it has been landed today in to Google Play store.

Using the Android version of the App, users can create , assign and edit tasks while on the move and easily tap-into existing workspaces or projects. Users can easily add comments, assign tasks and by navigating through the mobile inbox, users can keep track of their own projects.

Asana App

The key feature that was missing in the iOS version of the App is to arrange task on the task list by just drag and drop. But the latest Android App will allow users to organize their tasks by adding these features.

The in-built search function of the App will permit the user to examine or scrutinize any workspace, task or a tag and on other hand, the mobile inbox will let you collaborate with co-workers in real time.

Asana Android App


  • Users can prioritize and create tasks on the move
  • Keep track of the project progress with mobile inbox
  • Make use of search function to find task, project in a quick way
  • Collaborate with maximum of 30 team members at free of cost

Android users must visit the Google Play store to download the free App.

Free download link:

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