Basketball Shoot App Review

Basketball shoot is a simple yet an addictive basketball game. This game was developed by Sunfoer Mobile. This is a very good game to pass your boring time.

Basketball Shoot App

As you may know, the main goal of this game is to shoot your ball into the basket. You are provided with limited number of balls in each level, and you have to put as many balls as you can into the basket to gain high score. This game presents a 2D view where the basket will be on your left side and the balls on the right side of your screen. The controls are very simple. To shoot your ball, you just need to tap on the screen and drag the dotted lines to adjust the ball angle and power and release to shoot your ball.

The ball’s throw trajectory differs from level to level and also within the level. Sometimes you find the trajectory is too short as you progress through the levels. It makes much difficult to predict where your ball is going to fall.

Basketball Shoot Game

In a single game, you are only allowed ten misses and you are provided with some additional misses if you get a clean shot. Every level consists of a certain limited number of balls and it gets progressively harder with the balls being placed in different positions and distances from the basket. You gain a good score with more number of clean shots and combos.

There are several different kinds of unlockable balls. If you complete a mission with handsome score, you are allowed to unlock a new ball. Though you play with different kinds of balls, the gameplay remains the same. These balls are just added to keep you playing to unlock new balls.

Basketball Shoot Review

Overall, this is a physics based fun game. But you may be bored of this game after a while as this game does not consist of different gameplay modes like time limit mode. This game only entertains the players who want to kill their boring time for a short period.

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