BBC updated its iPlayer to support Android 4.2

After the BBC has launched iPlayer for Android powered phone and from then it was downloaded by more than 1 million users using android tablets and phones. In short frame of time, there has been drastic change in the usage of android platform.

An update made to BBC iplayer for Android phones to support the android 4.2 jelly bean and give a richer experience for all tablet users. The update was made with two major aims that includes enhancing the playback experience and supporting different screen sizes.


To fix the issue related to playback quality, BBC is planning to offer low quality encoded videos for smart-phones with small screens and provide high quality encode for high resolution screens.

Tablet user can have better screen experience with the updated User Interface laying foundation to include additional features in the future. In addition to that, now users can listen to radio shows on the iplayer App by turning off the screen or while navigating through different application on your android powered device.

Its bit difficult to offer support for all devices due to availability of different devices, screen sizes and OS versions. In 2013, the BBC is planning to prioritize the top android devices and add new features to offer best experience for biggest audience

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