The Best Apps for Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual

Have you bought Sony’s new Xperia T2 Ultra Dual smartphone that comes with a bright 6 inch HD? If yes, not to worry about which apps to download in order to pack this Android phablet. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of top apps for Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual. Scroll down to check out the complete list.

Best Apps for Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual

Apex launcher

A free-to-use home replacement app that allows you seamlessly customize your homescreen. This app blends intuitive performance and ease of use with a rich level of customization in order to make a beautiful alternative to the regular Android launchers.

Apex launcher Android App

Android Downlod

Screen Lock

The main drawback of large-screen mobiles is the position of lock screen button, which is not handy. You can avoid the hassle with this Screen Lock app. It enables you to turn off the screen and lock the device seamlessly.

Screen Lock Android App

Android Downlod


A top-notch paint tool that includes all the features you would expect from a mobile paint software. Once you are done with your painting, you can save the final draft in a PSD format, which secures layer structure.

LayerPaint Android App

Android Downlod

SwiftKey Keyboard

This particular app helps you type much faster and easier. It is the best alternative to your mobile’s standard keyboard. As you use the app, it understands you much better and smartly predicts your next word, offers precise autocorrect and syncs across your devices through SwiftKey Cloud.

SwiftKey Keyboard Android App

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VLC Media Player

One of the most popular media players in the App World. This app is available for free and it allows you play multimedia files in all formats.

VLC Media Player Android App

Android Downlod

Speaker Boost

A unique app that enhances your mobile’s speaker or headphone sound volume. This app is perfect for listening to your best-loved music, movies, voice notes or audio books. You can grab this app for absolutely free.

Speaker Boost Android App

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A brilliant email-focussed app that allows you quickly find anything within a single continuous, searchable inbox. With this app, you can save your time avoiding organizing of your emails.

CloudMagic Android App

Android Downlod

Screebl – Screen On/Off Sensor

A clever app that manages your Xperia T2 Ultra’s screen depending on orientation. You will not have screen timeout when accessing your mobile, and this doesn’t consume your battery also.

Screebl - Screen On Off Sensor Android App

Android Downlod


Another excellent video player for you. This app enables you to watch all your favorite videos right on your mobile without conversation on the go. And it offers top-notch playback experience as well as quality.

MoboPlayer Android App

Android Downlod


Stay connected with your loved ones on the go. Xperia T2 Ultra’s large-screen display is an added advantage to place video calls via Skype. Grab this app for free and enjoy talking to your buddies in real-time.

Skype Android App

Android Downlod

AirAttack HD

This is an exciting 3D combat shooter game. The game features immersive gameplay and awe-inspiring graphics in addition to striking audio. This game is perfect to play on your Android phablet.

AirAttack HD Android App

Android Downlod

Camera ZOOM FX

Boost up your device’s camera with this stunning Camera Zoom FX app. It consists of several powerful features that helps you capture top-notch photographs. You can grab this app for $2.99.

Camera ZOOM FX Android App

Android Downlod

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