Instagram launches Bolt-a messaging app with amazing functions

Social networking platform Instagram has come out with the launch of a new messaging app which is known as Bolt.  This is an ephemeral app which makes sending of visuals and images very easy and has been made available for Android based devices in New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore as of now.

Bolt messaging app

Bolt has been listed on the Google Play Store India as well but cannot be downloaded just yet. This application has been designed in such a way that it allows the users to tap once in order to send across a photo.  Infact if users wish to send a video, then all they have to do is to long press the one they wish to share.  The highlight feature is that if someone wants to undo the sending of any photo or video, then they just need to shake their device or swipe away the item.

Bolt allows users to share their Instagram stuff easily with one user at a time.  One also gets the ability to add up to 20 favorite from the list of contacts on the phone so as to share photos.   No email address is needed for the sign up process and only the phone number is required.

Bolt Messaging App Download for Android (free)

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