Book Creator Allows You Create Your Own Digital Books On your Android Tablet

Red Jumper Studio has launched its ebooks creating app on the Android platform. The app, already available for iPad, allows you seamlessly create your own digital books by adding any combination of pictures, drawings, text, and video clips in each page of your book.

Book Creator

This app works very well for personal use, for instance, to create engaging stories for children or make family photo albums. The app features a simple interface. Just click on the ‘+’ icon to add any content to the page, including audio, text, and photos. Moreover, you can move the item around the page using your finger, tweak and resize the elements accordingly.

You can add the images from your device’s gallery, or you can also use Google Chrome in order to save images right from the web by just long-pressing an image. In addition, you can save your creations to Google Drive, which then allows you to collaborate with others, or you can add them straightaway to your personal Google Play Books library.

Book Creator app

Notably, there’s also an option to export your creations as ePub 3 files in order to submit them to Google Play Books or even Apple’s iBooks store.

Android tablet users can download the Book Creator app directly from the link provided below. But you should also have Android 4.1 or up firmware installed on your device to access the app. You can grab this app $2.00.

Book Creator download link for Android ($2.00)

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