Brain Age Test Free App Review

Do you want to know the age of your brain? Then this is the game for you. Brain Age Test Free app is a free game application which improves and tests your brain age and memory based on your game performance. Try this game once, it shows you the perfect age of your brain!

Brain Age Test Free

Coming to the game, it displays a set of bubbles with numbers on your game screen. These numbers are visible only for a short period of time. In that short time, you should observe which number is present in which bubble. After the numbers disappear, you should memorize the numbers and click on the corresponding bubbles in the ascending order.

Brain Age Test Free App Review

There is a training module which allows you to practice the game. You will have 3 failure attempts for each test. If you do not succeed in the test, you should retry it. Once you finish your test, you can view your test results. You can submit your result to the scoreboard, compare your results with others and view others results.

Brain Age Test Free Review

The game app is basic with the same game theme throughout the game. Though the theme of the game remains the same, difficulty in the levels increases as you play the game, that is the number of circles increases and double digit numbers appear. Sometimes you think that you should have a photographic memory to attempt the level. This is an addictive and fun game to play. Download this app and find your mental age. Try to reduce the age of your brain and be the younger brain!

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