Bridge Constructor – a popular puzzle and simulation game for Android users

Bridge Constructor, a stunning puzzle game developed by Clockstone studios for all Android users. Users have to build a bridge using different materials and put them in to test using wide variety of cars and trucks to unlock the brain-teasing levels.

Players on installing the game can explore the beautiful Camatuga island by building bridges across the deep valleys, canals and rivers. The stress tests reveals whether the bridges that you have constructed will withstand the daily use from cars and other automobiles.

Bridge Constructor App

Users can choose different construction material such as wood, steel or concrete pillars for constructing each bridge. Make use of correct materials without exceeding the minimum budget that are you are allocated with to build the bridge.

Bridge Constructor iOS App


  • Users can find 40 brain teasing construction levels
  • Use 5 settings that include City, Canyon, Beach, Mountain and Hills
  • Over 25 challenging achievements to be made by player to unlock Openfeint
  • Make use of four different construction materials that includes wood, cables, steel and concrete pillars
  • Use colour coded load indicators to carryout stress analysis
  • Users can place their high scores on leader boards
  • Connect with Facebook to upload the screenshots and bridge score

The latest version of the App has fixed issues related to audio, input freeze and Facebook posts.

Download this free puzzle game from Google play store.

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