Canabalt HD for Android Receives an Update with New Levels and a Female Runner

Canabalt HD for Android, the fast-paced endless runner game has been remodeled with some significant changes.

Canabalt HD

The game still remains the concept of one-button jumping and running but brings new exciting levels and different environments to explore. Furthermore, you can find invisible surface while you run, and you will have to run around by guessing where birds have landed.

The update also brings a 2-player mode that allows you to play and compete with a friend by tapping the opposite sides of the screen. While this is not ideal for a phone, but work better on a tablet.

Canabalt HD app

Another feature that is added in this update is the female runner. When you initially start the game, you are randomly assigned either a female or a male runner, distinguished mostly by the hair length.

Canabalt HD game

The latest version of Canabalt HD is available in the Google Play Store. You need to spend $2.70 to grab this wonderful game.

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