ChatOn App gets updated with improvement of My page

ChatOn, the famous instant messaging application on Samsung is updated with a new version 2.0.5. With the latest update to App, Samsung users can now sign in with their Samsung account and stay connected with 5 devices including web.

The App allows the users to alter the font style associated with the chat room and it lets the users to send several images at a time.

ChatON App

 The users can even send animated text message and this update will assist users in adding image effects before sending the message. The registered users can edit their group profile, add members to the chat room and simultaneously a typing status is displayed to all the members in the chat-room.

The updated ChatOn App provides the users with an interaction rank which showcases how often you are involved in chat with all your close buddies in the chat room and you can easily see the text messages and videos sent to your buddies at the trunk.

Samsung ChatON for Android

ChatON App faces a stiff competition from several other Apps such as WhatsApp and Samsung in order to gain popularity among the Android users is adding more unique features like rank interaction, group chat and animated messages etc. There are few modified and animated messages available within the App that you can directly send to all your pals in the chat room.

Samsung users can download this updated version of ChatOn by clicking the link


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