Chess for Android App Review

There is a good news for android users who like playing chess on their Android devices! Aart Bik has developed a game called Chess for Android for the Android devices. This is a chess game that you can enjoy playing on the go.

Chess for Android app

The app involves a chess engine of Java version with a GUI. It is a java based engine with basic interface. The game entertains experts, as well as beginners. Different game modes are present including free play, random and auto play modes. The game supports full screen view and customizing the game’s pieces and board. The game also has an autoplay option with which you can see the computer battle.

Chess for Android

When you tap on a chessman piece to move, green colored highlighted areas will appear which indicates that these are the only possible areas to move your piece. Before you start the game, you can select the type of game mode you want to play, and also the difficulty levels like expert or beginner. You can also choose either whites or blacks before you begin the game and change the sides as you prefer. The app supports trackball, touch screen or keyboard access. You can undo up to 8 moves to check your moves.

Chess for Android Reviw

The game consists of a good soundtrack and graphics. This is a free game application for the Android users. Grab this game app and start playing!

Download for Anroid

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