CircleMe Releases An Android Version

CircleMe launches its popular interest-based social networking app on Android. The app, already available on Web and iOS, lets users to create an online profile effortlessly and showcase all of their favorite things like music, books, movies, hobbies and events, alongside collecting the things they love and finding new ones.


Mainly, CircleMe service connects people based on their interests. Users can add others to their network in order to interact with similar interest-based people, follow the conversations and events based on their hobbies from video clips, articles, and other posts submitted by people, and also create to-do lists.

When you click on the geo-location button, you will be able to discover the content specific to your location. In addition, there’s also a ‘Plant’ feature that allows you to pin an interest to your desired location. For instance, if you love snorkeling at a location, you can tag that location directly from your profile and other users will be notified when get closer to that location. It’s applied to any event.

Android versions includes the following features:

  • Like: Like your interests, you will encounter millions of potential interests and passions already and you can even add new ones.
  • Trust: Trust users with similar interests and create your personal community.
  • To-do list: Create your own to-dos and add your desired thing every time you encounter a new like.
  • Discover: You can find new things that you are looking for.
  • News feed: The updates about your likes will be available under the ‘Updates’ section.
  • Plant: Associate your interest on a map, so you can share that with your dear ones. You can share them privately or publicly.

Moreover, the service will often team up with other companies to get you great free treats, and many more.

Android users can download this latest version of CircleMe app from the link given below. The app is available for free and requires Android 2.3 and above firmware.

CircleMe download link for Android (free)

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