Microsoft launches Climatology app for Windows and Android phones

Microsoft has come out with the announcement of a new app which will be available to the users of Android based devices and Windows based devices. This latest app is called Climatology which is designed to provide users with current temperature and forecast of weather.

Microsoft Climatology App


Climatology app is a superb weather forecasting app which is capable of forecasting the weather for the next few days.  This app is also designed to offer users the option to know about the weather conditions different locations for different times or periods of the year.  The climate information on this app is delivered through research’s FetchClimate Project.  This app helps you to know whether it will be sunny on the given day or another day in the future or will it be cloudy or rainy. This helps you to predict and prepare yourself accordingly when you are visiting any other city or country.

Climatology app uses a simple interface and requires Android Gingerbread OS or above to be downloaded on any Android Smartphone or tablet.  It needs Windows 8 or 8.1 OS to be downloaded on a Windows based device.  This is a free app on both the operating system’s app stores and weighs 2.2 MB or 2 MB respectively.

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