Crazy Monster Truck 2 – an adventurous game for Android users

Crazy Monster Truck -2 is an amazing game for Android users. The main theme of the game is to escape and cross each obstacle that is created by cars coming in opposite direction.

This game requires huge concentration and lot of attention as your Monster Truck will crush and destroy every single automobile that comes in your path and on clearing all the cars, you will land in a craziest atmosphere.

Crazy Monster Truck Android App

The life bar gets decreased as you destroy the obstacles placed in your path and you lose entire power, but there are huge chances to gain back your power if you can protect your monster truck from different hurdles.

With amazing sound tracks and stunning graphics, players are provided with a fascinating experience of  driving trucks in wonderful streets.

Crazy Monster Truck App

The game gets really interesting when you are provided with a time interval to cross a given stage and in case if you don’t reach the destination, the journey gets finished on the spot. Players can save their high score by name and set a landmark for other players.


  • Players can now post their scores on Facebook and Twitter
  • Advanced players are provided with choices to unlock atmosphere
  • Improved gameplay and graphics
  • Enhanced truck handling abilities

Visit Google play store to download this advanced version of Crazy Monster Truck-2 gaming App for free.

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