Disney to launch its first Imagicademy learning apps on Dec 11

Disney has unveiled a new suite of learning apps which comes by the name of Imagicademy. These groups of apps are going to be launched of Dec 11 and are mobile learning apps meant for kids. In this suite of apps, there is also an app meant for parents to follow along and give their kids a virtual high five.


Disney, the creators of Imagicademy also plans to launch printed materials and smart toys shortly thereafter.  All of the apps within this suite have been created with attention to detail and high quality. These apps are connected experiences and which can help kids learn things the fun way. There is an app for counting, an app for learning shapes, an app for problem solving, and an app for add and subtracting and some others.

Imagicademy will have a total of 30 similarly branded apps covering math, language, arts, science and social skills.  The first app that will be launched will be Mickey’s Magical Math World on iPad as well as its companion app for parents.  Most of the apps will have 5 fun learning games for different purposes and activities. The apps will be free at first but may be paid later on.

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