Dolphin Browser Integrates with Global Search Services

The renowned mobile web browser, Dolphin for Android, has been modernized to version 10.1. The latest version brings the ability to customize themes and wallpapers to your taste; you can choose from a variety of colors and themes for the browser, or set an image from your device as the background.

Dolphin Browser

In addition to the aforementioned feature, the team has also announced partnerships with search engines in international markets.

Dolphin is formally integrating with Baidu in China, DuckDuckGo in the US, Yandex in Russia and Yahoo in Japan. This integration is an idea to expand into the global market, taking advantage of these portals as the default search engines, though Google still occupies the place of default search engine in the US.

Dolphin Browser app

The latest version also scores support for 21 additional languages, and brings a toggle functionality that allows users to switch between mobile and desktop views with just a tap of a button.

Furthermore, the update also brings a language selector and usual user interface bug fixes.

The new version of Dolphin browser for Android is downloadable via Google Play Store. The app is available for free and is compatible with devices running on Android 2.0.1 or above.

Dolphin Browser download link for Android (free)

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