Dragon, Fly! Full App Review

Dragon, Fly! is a cool game developed by Four Pixels. This game has a simple gameplay with easy controls.

The game revolves around a newly hatched dragon. He is a cute, little, chubby and colorful dragon who doesn’t know how to fly as he is a newly hatched pup. The game takes place on curvy hills. As a player, you take the control of the little dragon and try to escape from your mother to get into an adventure. But, as you can’t fly, you have to slide down the hill and make use of uphill sections to get enough air. While you slide down, you need to collect potions and diamonds present in your way.

Dragon, Fly! Full

Your mother is very anxious about you. Worrying about you, she is coming behind you to stop your journey. So, if you slow down your speed or you land on a wrong position, your mother will get you, and your game is over. So you should always maintain your speed and use perfect controls to land safely.

Dragon, Fly! Full App

Controls are very simple in this game. You just need to know when to tap and hold and when to release to increase and descend the dragon’s speed and to match with the contour of the field. You can easily get through all the levels if you perfectly know when to touch and release the screen. You get the points when you perform perfect swoosh along the hill curves, by performing 3 consecutive swooshes and by gathering diamonds.

Dragon, Fly! Full Review

You come across varied colored hills and backgrounds which change every day. Sometimes you find hills with beautiful flowers, some other time you find mushrooms or pumpkins appearing magically. The game provides a relaxing environment, but it quickly gains the intensity when the mother dragon catches the baby dragon. Grab this game and help the baby dragon to escape from its mother!


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