Dropbox for Android Redesigned to Look Better for Modern Mobile Experience

Dropbox, the most popular and widely used file-based hosting service, has updated its Android App User Interface striking a good balance between functionality and layout design. A smooth and seamless User Interface is not something we think about as far as Dropbox is concerned. Besides, sharing files or storing them in the cloud is a straightforward move that does not need a fancy UI move really.


But the company felt that the app would work better for users after the introduction of a smooth User Interface. Drop has therefore brought the app to date with the material design standards of Google, thereby streamlining the process of uploading files and folders as well as sharing files.

Dropbox 3.0 for Android now has a search function at the top section of the GUI, an important feature, which will of great help for those who would like to search through a long list of files and folders.

The app, rebuild in compliance with Google’s Material Design Standards is reliable, better, faster and more reliable than all its previous versions. The swift to right and swipe to left feature introduced on the redesigned app makes navigating through the app easier than before.

Dropbox Download for Android

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