Dropbox Introduces a Beta Android App

When you are on the way to meet your creative head or any other official person, and if you forget your USB at your home, or if you forget any important files at your home, car or somewhere else, what will be the situation? In such cases, you need Dropbox. Dropbox was actually created for such moments.

Dropbox Android App

The Dropbox’s cloud storage software lets the users to save files on it, and also allows to access it from other device also. One Thing to do for using this is to create an account in Dropbox. This creates a folder in the computer, in which you can store your essential files. Simply by signing in into your Dropbox account, these files can be accessed from other device.

Dropbox has recently decided to bring more to the mobile platform by creating a bundle of apps. These will allow the users to access their files even without any need of a personal computer.

Still the Dropbox is in the testing phase for Android, but a beta version of the app has introduced for Android. Uniformly, this beta app is going through alterations, resulting in the Dropbox creating a complete beta channel for several features.

You can download the app and can choose the option ‘early releases’ for obtaining constant updates. This time, the Dropbox has introduced a new feature, which allows to organise, delete, or share multiple images at the same time.

Not only the Android app, but separate versions for Kindle Fire, iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, and iPad are available.

Download link for the Dropbox beta version :


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