eBook Reader, Readmill is Now Available for Android Users

The ebook reader app, Readmill has been on iOS for sometime, has now arrived on Android platform! The app was tailored to provide users with the ability to enjoy reading as well as sharing of ebooks.


Android version offers the same experience as that of the iOS version. It simplifies the way you find, read and share your ebooks. The app is also capable of storing your entire library, in addition to syncing it across devices.

Most importantly, the app features an offline mode, which allows you to access books without the need of internet connection. In addition, the app also syncs the reading content as soon as an internet connection is available.

Readmill app

The app allows you to import any of your desired ePub files on your device to your library. Moreover, it provides access to free ebooks, while also allowing you to easily view and share your ideas/thoughts with the Readmill community.

Android users can download the Readmill app from Google Play Store for free. The app requires Android 4.0 or above to be compatible.

Readmill download link for Android (free)

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