A new Emoticon app called Imoji make its entry to iOS app store

To join the long list of emoji and sticker apps, a new app has made its entry onto the iOS app store and this app is known as Imoji.  This app may work a lot like others but it comes with a twist. It lets users turn any image to a custom sticker or Emoji so that it can be used through iMessage.

Emoji App

Imoji is a gesture driven application which lets the users of iPhone create stickers in a customizedmanner and using either their own images or any image downloaded from the web.  The app comes with some simple tools like zoom, crop, cut etc. which enable users to edit their own image and use it as an emoji or a sticker.  A virtual scissor is provided to help you out with the editing.

Initially, users might not get the hang of how to edit and use the image but eventually after trying it once or twice, anyone will be able to master the process.  The sticker that you create can be used as an iMessage text and use it either as public or private.  People can also search for Emojis created by others through this app.

Emoji Download for iOS app (free)

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